Are You Ready to Buy A Home?

We’ve Simplified The Home Buying Process


1. Get Pre-Approved

This is by far the most important step. Most Americans are not able to pay cash for a home so you will need a lender to review your credit, income and assets and pre-approve you for financing. Without a pre-approval, a potential home buyer is essentially “window shopping” and could be wasting time looking at houses outside of their budget. 

Some lenders may charge fees for credit reports or application fees. If you’d like to get pre-approved, we’ve partnered with a local lender that offers this service at no cost. You can click the link below to get started.


2. Finding The Home

Once you’re pre-approved, now on to the fun part. Most people enjoy searching for the right home. It’s important to make a list of your must-haves and have a realtor setup a specialized search for you. We work with premier realty professionals that offer this service at no cost to you.

While you can browse the internet to do a general search, it is recommended to get a more detailed home search established so you can receive automated listing notifications when new homes become available and when home prices decrease. 


3. Make An Offer

This is where a professional realtor can provide guidance to you on current market trends and ensure you get the best deal. If you see something you love, we recommend making an offer as soon as possible.

Buyers can miss out on potential homes due to hesitation. The homes are being advertised on the internet where they can be viewed by hundreds of people daily. Remember, you will have a 10 day inspection period to make sure the home meets the needs of you and your family. 


Once you’ve made the offer, the realtors involved in the transaction will give you guidance specific to the home you’re purchasing.

If you would like to work with a licensed agent from our preferred network, use our agent finder and we will connect you. 

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