Rent-To-Own And Try It Before You Buy It


Rent-To-Own homes can be a great way to become a homeowner. Rent-To-Own properties allow you to move in immediately and as you make your monthly rent payments, you will build equity in the property. With these programs, you also get the benefit of trying it before you buy it. You will live in the home before you purchase it. This is a huge benefit because you get to learn all the ins and outs of the home before you own it. 

How Does Rent-To-Own Work?

Rent-To-Own Homes allow you to move-in immediately, like a traditional rental property. The difference being that you’re going to have a purchase-option included with your rental contract. This gives you the option to purchase the property if you decide you like it. Most sellers typically want to see a 580+ credit score and verifiable income to agree to a rent-to-own contract. 

How Do I Find Rent-To-Own Homes?

Rent-To-Own Homes can be very difficult to find on the market. Most realtors won’t even work with you if you’re considering a rental home. We have gone through most of the homes in the current market to provide a list of homes for your area. To get started, you will want to use our Rent-To-Own Home Finder. This will help you find all available rent-to-own homes in your desired zip code. 

What Do I Need To Qualify For Rent-To-Own?

You will need to meet a few requirements to qualify:

  • 60,000+ Annual Income
  • 580+ Credit Score
  • First Month’s Rent + Security Deposit


Rent-To-Own Home Finder

  • We may need to contact you to refine your search criteria.

Pet Friendly Rentals

Because you’re renting-to-own, you don’t have to deal with the typical pet restrictions that you have to deal with on rental properties. That means all of your furry friends are invited and you don’t have to pay extra for them. To find homes near you, use our Rent-To-Own Home Finder.

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Rent Cannot Increase!

With Rent-To-Own Homes, you’re locking in the price of the property when you sign the lease. Over the last 3-4 years, rental prices have risen annually. By using one of these programs, you’re locking in the price of rent and becoming a homeowner. You can our Rent-To-Own Home Finder to get started on the home search. 

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580 Credit Scores Allowed

A majority of rent-to-own properties will require a credit score in excess of 580. This is because they want to ensure you will have the ability to purchase to property from them using financing in the future. Use our Rent-To-Own Home Finder to get started on the home search today.

Rent-To-Own Home Finder

  • We may need to contact you to refine your search criteria.

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Our experience with this company was seamless from start to finish. We couldn’t be more grateful for the firm’s thoroughness and dedication to assisting all our needs throughout the entire process. In a prior experience with another firm we felt forgotten, and that process dragged along. However, with these guys, we felt as if we were the number one priority every day. With our busy and random schedules we were able to converse through emails and still close our transaction in what we consider record time. All of our questions were answered promptly and cheerfully, and the details of the process were always made clear to us. Our expectations were blown away and we absolutely recommend them to family, friends and everyone else! I would like to thank them and their team behind the scenes.

Jennifer W.

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I was very pleased with the whole home mortgage experience working with this team. From the beginning it was clear that they were working in my best interest and to help us save on all the costs associated with closing a home loan. They helped us choose us the best interest rate possible when weighed against the fees and credits from the lenders. Highly recommend this company!

Errol B.

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I have to tell you how amazing it was to work with this team of professionals. They were always there for us and helped us get back to where we belong, owning a home!! We appreciate their knowledge, attention to detail, professionalism, and impeccable communication. You will never be misguided. We had an amazing experience with them and highly recommend them in a heartbeat. 

Thank you or even a review does not seem sufficient!!

Kristi B.

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If there was 10 STARS that is what I would give these guys! I seriously cannot say enough amazing things about them, their professionalism, wonderful spirit and attention to detail! Every time I called him I was smiling and left the conversation feeling even better about buying my home.

Chiazor A.

Rent-To-Own Home Finder

  • We may need to contact you to refine your search criteria.

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